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Cryptography Explain | Symmetric Key and Asymmetric Key |

Cryptography Explain-:

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What is Cryptography?

The Cryptography word has come from a Greek. Which means the secret writing. It is a technique which is used for make a secret language for communication between the sender and receiver.
If hacker attack the between sender and receiver or that message found and he will be not recognised real message or important information because this technique is very strong this technique only understood the receiver and sender.
In this cryptography have two process.

What is Encryption and Decryption-:

Encryption is convert from Original text to Cipher text.(Secrets codes or unreadable text).

Decryption is convert from Cipher text (Secrets codes or unreadable text) to original text.

Fig:2 Cryptography

Types Of Cryptography-:

1. Symmetric Key Cryptography
    2. Asymmetric Key Cryptography

    1) Symmetric Key Cryptography

    In symmetric-key Cryptography same key use a both parties.
    The sender use the this key and an encryption algorithm encrypted the data and the receiver use the this same key and corresponding decryption to decrypted the data.
    Symmetric key cryptography
    Fig:2 Symmetric Key Cryptography

    2) Asymmetric Key Cryptography

    Asymmetric key Cryptography is also known as Public Key.
    This cryptography are two types-:
    (i) Private Key
    (ii) Public Key

    The Private Key is kept by the receiver. and the Public Key is announced to the public.
    The Public Key that is used for encryption and the Private Key that is used for a decryption.
    The Public Key is available in the public and the Private Key is available to an individual.

    Asymmetric Key cryptography
    Fig:3 Asymmetric Key Cryptography

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