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Explain Network Topology| Types of Topology| Topology Examples

Define Network Topology and its Types-:

Types of network topology

Network Topology-:

In Simply Language Network topology is the arrangement of the elements including links, Nodes(Sender & Receiver) of a communication network is called network topology.

Basically 6 types of Topology-:

1. Bus Topology 
2. Star Topology
3. Ring Topology
4. Tree Topology
5. Hybrid Topology
6. Mesh Topology


It is a network setup where is computer and network devices are connected to a single cables and backbone it is also known as LAN typologies it is most useful for small Network and have the advantage of fusing to cables.
It mains disadvantage is if one node is failed then whole network are failed.

Bus Topology Network

Advantage of Bus Topology-:

(i) It is easy to setup and tired bus network.
(ii) Cables length is the vast is compared to another network.
(iii) This cost very low.
(iv) Best for the smallest network node for LAN.

Disadvantage of Bus Topology-:

(i) There is a limit of cable length and number of nodes then can be connected.
(ii) If man cable encountered a problem whole network will fail.
(iii) This network not suitable for heavy traffic.
(iv) security is very low because all the computers receive the sent single from the sounds.


The star topology is one of the most common network topology.
In Star topology a device is connected to a control point (HUB) it requires a lot of cables than the bus topology.
Data on a Star Network passes through the hub or switch before continuously to its destination the control all the functions of the network.

Star Topology Network

Advantage of Star Topology-:

(i) Good Performance.
(ii) Easy to setup and to expand any non-centralism failure will have very with effect on the network, whereas on a ring network it would all with one fault.

Disadvantage of Star Topology-:

(i) Expensive to install.
(ii) Extra hardware required.


In ring topology is computer is connected to the next computer with the last one connected to the first one in this topology all the PCs are connected from the one another as in a ring.
A data token is used to permission for each computer to communicate.
The message follows around ring in one direction that is no termination, because these no end to the ring.

Ring Topology Network

Advantage of Ring Topology-:

(i) Data is quickly transferred without a bottleneck.
(ii) No one computer monopolized the network because every computer is given access to the computer.
(iii) It provides the equal access to the transmit the data of the network.
(iv) No Collision.

Disadvantage of Ring Topology-:

(i) If one PC wire break entire network goes down.
(ii) Adding or removing the computer it disturbs the network activity.
(iii) This is more expensive topology.
(iv) Due to the close nature of the Ring topology it is necessary to remove the circularity pocket.


A tree topology is the variation of star topology as in Star topology notes in three are linked to a “CONTROL HUB” that control to however not every computer plus into the “CONTROL HUB”, majority as them to connected to a secondary HUB which in term is connected to the control hub.
The repeater amplifies the signal and increase the distance of signals can travel.
The secondary hub may be active or passive I have provide a simple physical connection between an attach device.

Tree Topology Network

Advantage of Tree Topology-:

(i) It is the best topology for a larger computer network for which a star or ring topology are unsuitable due to the sheer scale of the entire network. Tree topology divided the whole network in two parts that are easily manageable.
(ii) The topology makes it possible to have a point to point network.
(iii) All computer has access to their immediate neighbor in the network and also the central HUB.

Disadvantage of Tree Topology-:

(i) In Dependence of the entire network on one Central hub is a point of vulnerability for this topology a failure of the central hub of failure of the main data thinkable can people the whole network.
(ii) With increase in size beyond a point, the management becomes difficult.


Hybrid network use a combination of any two or more topology in such a way that the resulting network does not exhibit one of the standard topology (e.g. Bus, Star, Ring etc.).
A hybrid topology is always produce when two different basic network topologies are connected.
Two common examples for hybrid network or Star Ring network and Star Bus network.

Hybrid Topology Network

Advantage of Hybrid Topology-:

(i) Reliable
(ii) Scalable
(iii) Flexible
(iv) Effective

Disadvantage of Hybrid Topology-:

(i) Complexity of design
(ii) Costly HUB
(iii) Costly in infrastructure
(iv) Expense and complex
(v) Expensive intelligent


In mesh topology every device has dedicated point to point link to every as their device dedicated means link carry traffic only between two devices is connected.
A mesh network is a mesh topology in which every nodes relays data for the network.
All mesh nodes corporate in the distribution of data in the network.

Mesh Topology Network

It can be divided into two parts-:

(i) Fully Connected Network
A fully connected network is a communication network in which each of the nodes is connected to each other.
A fully connected network does not need to use switching or broadcasting.

(ii) Partially Network
The type of network topology in which sum of the notes of the network are connected to more than one other node in the network with a point to point link this make it possible to take advantage of some of the redundancy that is provide by a physically full connected Mesh topology without the expenses and complexity required for a connection between every nodes in the network.

Advantage of Mesh Topology-:

(i) This topology can withstand high traffic.
(ii) Each connection can carry its own data load.
(iii) It is Robust.

Disadvantage of Mesh Topology-:

(i) Required bulk wiring.
(ii) Administration of the network is tough.
(iii) Set-up and maintenance of this topology is very difficult.


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