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Full Form of Domain Names and Extensions | No Limit Of Study

List of Domain Names with Full Forms and Extension-:

The top-level domains (TLDs) such as .in, .com, .net, .edu, .org and. info are the highest level of domain names of the Internet. Every domain name ends with a top-level domain label. These Domains name are very common on internet.

S.No.Domain NameUses
1.inFor Indian Users
2.comCommercial Internet Sites.
3.eduEducational Sites.
4.govFor Government Site on the Internet.
5.netFor Internet Administrative Sites.
6.orgFor Organizational Internet sites.
7.infoInformation Sites
8.webFor an Internet site that is about the World Wide Web.
9.UsUnited States
10.UkUnited Kindom
11.firmFor an Internet site for a Business.
12.intInternational Institutions.
13.milFor a U.S. Military site on the Internet.
14.mobiFor Mobile Phones.
15.natoFor NATO
16.nomFor a Personal Site on the Internet.
17.storeFor a Retail Business.

Full Forms of all domain names


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