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Indian Railways Related Questions | No Limit Of Study

Basic Questions Of Railways-:

Railway se Related Questions

These are basic questions of indian railways and very important questions for any competitive or GOVT. Exams. Please read very attentively.

Que1. What is the keywords of Railway?
Ans1. Suraksha, Sanraksha, Samay Palan (सुरक्षा, संरक्षा, समय-पालन)

Que2. Who is the father of railway?
Ans2. Jarj Stephen's

Que3. When was started first railway in the India?
Ans3. 16 April 1853, Mumbai to Thane (34 KM) लार्ड डलहौजी के शाहसान काल में (जिसको Black Beauty के नाम से जाना जाता था)

Que4. When was started first railway in the world?
Ans4. 27 September 1825 in England

Que5. When was started first Metro Rail in India or Underground?
Ans5. 24 October 1984 in Kolkata (Noapara to Kavi Subhash)

Que6. When was started first Metro Rail in the world?
Ans6. 10 May 1963 in London

Que7. When was first Electric Rail in India?
Ans7. Decan Queen (3 Feb 1925)

Que8. When was first Metro in Delhi?
Ans8. 25 December 2002 (From Shahdra to Tis Hazari) Red Line

Que9. Which is the oldest Railway Engine of India?
Ans9. Ferry Queen

Que10. When was happened first railway accident in the India?
Ans10. 25 January 1869 in Mumbai (bhorghat)

Que11. Total Length of Indain Railway Track?
Ans11. 67,368 KM

Que12. When was started a Rajdhani Express in India?
Ans12. 1 March 1969 (From Delhi to Hawrah)

Que13. When was started a Stabadhi Express in India?
Ans13. 10 July 1988 (From Delhi to Jhansi)

Que14. Which train was transported between India and Pakistan?
Ans14. Samjota Express

Que15. Which train was transported between India and Bangladesh?
Ans15. Matri Express

Que16. Which is fastest train of India?
Ans16. Vande Bharat Express, 180 kmph

Que17. Which is the Longest Railway route in India?
Ans17. Vivek Express (From Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari) (4286 Km)

Que18. How many total division in Indian's Railway?
Ans18. 69 Division

Que19. How many total Zone of Indian Railway?
Ans19. 17 Zone

Que20. How many total Bharti Board in Indian Railway?
Ans20. 21 Bharti Board

Que21. When was established Railway Police Force in Indian Railway?
Ans21. 1882

Que22. How many total Stars in Indian Railway logo?
Ans22. 17 Stars

Que23. When was happened nationalization of Indian Railway?
Ans23. 1950

Que24. Which is the biggest Railway Yard in India?
Ans24. Mughal Sarai (UP)

Que25. Which is the biggest Railway Station in India?
Ans25. Gorakhpur (UP), (4,483 ft.)

Que26. Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel in India?
Ans26. Peer Panjal or Banihal (Jammu Kashmir) 11 Km

Que27. Which is the Longest Railway Bridge in the India?
Ans27. The Bhupen Hazarika Setu, also known as the Dhola–Sadiya Bridge. (It's a beam bridge & connecting the northeast states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh)

Que28. Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel in the World?
Ans28. Sikan (Japan)

Que29. Which is the Longest Railway Length in Indian Railway?
Ans29. North Railway

Que30. Which is the Smallest Railway Length in Indian Railway
Ans30. Purvotar Semant Railway (East-North)

Que31. What is the Nick Name of South-East Indian Railway Zone?
Ans31. Blue Chip (Kolkata)

Que32. Which is the most bussiest Railway Station in India?
Ans32. Lucknow

Que33. Who was the first Femal Driver in Indian Railway?
Ans33. Surekha Yadav

Que34. Which indian railway minister resigned due to most of railway accidents?
Ans34. Lal Bahadur Shastri

Que35. Who was the first Indian Railway Minister?
Ans35. Before Freedom Asaf Ali (2 Sep 1946 to 14 Aug 1947) After Freedom John Mathai (15 August 1947)

Que36. Who is the Railway Minister of India in 2018?
Ans36. Piyus Goyal

Que37. Who was presented first railway budget?
Ans37. John Mathai (November 1947)

Que38. When did seperate railway budget from general budget?
Ans38. 1924-25

Que39. When did Merge by Railway budget & Aam Budget
Ans39. 21 September 2016 (Narender Modi GOVT)

Que40. When was started Railway Insurance Yojna?
Ans40. 1994

Que41. When was started Indain railway Employee Insurance Yojna?
Ans41. 1977

Que42. Where is the Indian Railway Staff College?
Ans42. Baroda (Gujrat)

Que43. Where was started first Computerised Reservation in Indian Railway?
Ans43. New Delhi

Que44. What is the biggest source of earning of Indian Railway?
Ans44. Maal-Bahada (Luggauge-Fare)

Que45. Where is the Indian Railway Headquater in India?
Ans45. New Delhi

Que46. What is the Full Form of PNR?
Ans46. Passenger Name Record

Que47. What is the Full Form TTE?
Ans47. Travelling Ticket Examiner

Que48. What is the Full Form IRCTC?
Ans48. Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation

Que49. When Celebrated Indian Railway Day in India?
Ans49. 16 April

Que50. When was Celebrated Indian Railway Century Evented?
Ans50. 1953

Indian Railway Gauge
Broad Gauge5 Feet 6 Inch1.676 m
Meter Gauge3.33 Feet1 m
Narrow Gauge2.6 Feet0.762 m
Special Gauge2.031 Feet0.610 m


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